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Transparent negotiations are key to resolving tri-state water conflict

Given the serious condition of Apalachicola Bay and the seafood industry, it is not surprising that Florida has threatened legal action over the tri-state water conflict. That said, we find it hard to believe that more litigation will resolve an issue that clearly must be settled at the conference table.

The three states’ governors have had plenty of time to resolve this water issue, which directly impacts millions of people today. Instead, they continue to play a winner-take-all game while communities throughout the river basin suffer. The governors should quickly return to the negotiating table in a transparent way so that the people of Alabama, Florida and Georgia may be confident that a sustainable water management plan representing the interests of stakeholders throughout the region will soon be realized.

The Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) Stakeholder Group, which includes representatives from all three states, is using a non-litigious, consensus-based approach to develop a sustainable water management plan. We recognize metro Atlanta can do more to conserve water, as noted in CRK’s Filling the Water Gap report (2012), which concludes that at least 150 million gallons per day of water supply can be secured through a mere handful of efficiency and conservation measure s. Further complicating the issue has been Gov. Deal’s proposed multibillion dollar projects that focus on costly reservoirs and aquifer storage and recovery in the ACF basin – neither of which help solve the crisis.

Our website provides information on all of the relevant issues surrounding the tri-state conflict, including this overview, a link to the ACF Stakeholders as well as the Tri-State Conservation Coalition, and the 2012 update of our Filling the Water Gap report. Read about the drought response’s impact on Apalachicola Bay on Page 6 of our recent RiverCHAT Summer 2013 issue.

Check out the media coverage of this issue in the Gainesville Times and the AJC here and here (the latter of which is for subscribers only.)

AUGUST 14, 2013


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