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Come Play in a Stream at Connally Nature Park with CRK!

Join Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and friends on Saturday, December 6 (9 - 1pm) to complete a stream restoration project in Connally Nature Park. Located in the city of East Point, the park is home to ‘Hank Aaron’, the largest white oak tree in the state, and rare Pink Lady’s Slipper orchids.

CRK is working in partnership with Trees Atlanta and East Point to remove invasive plants and trash, plant native vegetation and restore the banks of a tributary to Utoy Creek that flows through the park.


For more information and to volunteer, contact Juliet Cohen at

Dirty Flow Shuts Down Construction Site

After the recent heavy rain, a construction site in Atlanta was shut-down when CRK staff reported violations that allowed a large volume of muddy water to flow into nearby waterways. The contractor had failed to install adequate best management practices.

Sediment carried by stormwater runoff from construction sites is as a leading source of non-point source pollution to streams, lakes and rivers throughout the state. When these sites do not install the proper controls to prevent muddy runoff, the impacts to local waterways can be devastating.

If you see muddy water flowing from a site, click HERE to report it!


Oily Asphalt Material Flows to River; CRK Goes to Court

Thanks to a citizen who contacted CRK’s Hotline, we learned that American Sealcoat Manufacturing, an asphalt manufacturing and distribution facility in Fulton County, has been discharging stormwater polluted with petroleum products and other chemicals into a stream less than 1,000 feet from the Chattahoochee River.

Oily Asphalt Material Flowing to River from American Sealcoat from CRK-TV on Vimeo.

Despite our repeated offers to work amicably with the facility owners to bring them into compliance with clean water laws, our efforts were rejected. 

During a follow-up site visit, we found the facility discharging oily asphalt sealing material directly into a tributary to the river. (Click here to see video.) We notified  the Georgia Environmental Protection Division which conducted an inspection the next day and has initiated an enforcement action.

On July 30, CRK filed a complaint and petition for injunctive relief in federal district court against American Sealcoat. Our goal is to bring this facility into compliance with the law by installing best management practices to reduce polluted stormwater runoff and removing all asphalt materials deposited downstream of the facility.

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