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Although water is one of the most vital resources on the planet, waterways continue to decline in quality and quantity in virtually every part of the world. The folks at SweetWater Brewing Company share the importance of protecting these vital water sources and have once again teamed up with the Waterkeeper® Alliance members throughout the region – including Chattahoochee Riverkeeper – for their Save Our Water campaign, supporting the conservation of the Southeast’s most threatened rivers, streams and coastlines.

The cause is near and dear to the brewery as clean water is also vital to the creation of their tasty brews as a main ingredient. In addition to serving as a source for swimming, drinking and fishing in our community, the brewery’s local Chattahoochee River accounts for a main ingredient making up 90 percent of the beer.

Kicking off July 4 and running through Labor Day, SweetWater’s Save Our Water campaign encourages patrons to “give of their livers to save the river” by purchasing SweetWater’s seasonal Waterkeeper® Hefeweizen ale, Save the Hooch T-shirts, or paper fish donations at participating restaurants, bars and retail accounts where the beer is sold throughout metro Atlanta. Proceeds from the sales will go back to Chattahoochee Riverkeeper. Additionally, patrons can visit to donate online, or purchase a custom Save Our Water pint glass at SweetWater’s weekly brewery tours.

In 2011, the brewers at SweetWater launched Waterkeeper® Hefeweizen, a beer with a cause. Now, as part of their seasonal Catch & Release line-up, the unfiltered brew makes its return to shelves and draft taps early this June.

SweetWater founded the Save Our Water program in 2006 with its local Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and efforts grew larger as the brewery did. Since the inception of the program nearly seven years ago, SweetWater has raised more than $400,000 for the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, and more than a whopping $700,000 for Waterkeepers throughout the region. Today, the Save Our Water campaign supports more than 30 Waterkeeper® members in Southeastern cities where the brewery distributes beer.

For more information on the Save Our Water campaign, or to donate online, visit

Save the Hooch Events:

June-September: Braves

There are different level tickets depending on the game, but with each ticket purchased via fans will get an exclusive Braves / Save the Hooch T-shirt that they will pick up at the stadium.  $8 from each ticket purchased will be donated back to Chattahoochee Riverkeeper as part of the Save the Hooch campaign. Games begin June 18, 2014.

September 17: Braves, 7:10 p.m.
During this game against the Nationals, the 200 lower level outfield seats will be reserved for wholesale retailers and SweetWater Brewing Company, as a thank you for all who helped Save the Hooch this summer. Just before the game SweetWater will have the opportunity to go on the field and present this years’ fundraising check.

Other events:
Other ongoing events, where venues will be raising money and selling merchandise to support the Save the Hooch campaign, include*:


*All proceeds will go to CRK for our ongoing mission to preserve and protect the Chattahoochee river basin.

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