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Tapped Out: The Drying Up of Atlanta


Tapped Out: The Drying Up of Atlanta is an enhanced PowerPoint presentation that examines the causes of the water crisis in the Chattahoochee River watershed and offers practical solutions for citizens, business, people, and policy-makers. Whether we are in a wet year or a dry year, the Chattahoochee watershed is on a supply and demand collision course.

The portion of our watershed upstream of Atlanta is the smallest in the nation to serve a major metropolitan area – and 3.5 million people depend on it for water supply, a number that is growing every day. We have a finite water supply that is being stretched to the breaking point.

Tapped Out will help you understand why we're in the crisis we're in and what we can do about it. For additional solutions, see the No Time to Waste section of this site. Others major cities have actually decreased their water demand while population increased. We can do it too!

Pursuing greater water efficiency is even more important given our ongoing dispute with Alabama and Florida over the water in Lake Lanier. Click here to learn more about the Tri-State Water War.

CRK offers presentations of Tapped Out to citizen groups, businesses, garden clubs, government agencies, policy-makers and more. To request and schedule a presentaion, email Laura Hartt or call her at (404) 352-9828, ext.. 15.


This program requires Adobe Flash. If you have a dial-up connection, the version with text, not audio, is recommended. If you have technical questions about this program or you are a teacher who would like to use this program in your classroom, please email David Lee Simmons or call him at (404) 352-9828, ext. 24.

Tapped Out

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